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  Domestic wastewater
Industrial wastewater
What is ? The wastewater coming from bathroom, WC, kitchen etc due to daily activities in houses, offices etc. The wastewater formation during an industrial application or production.
What for treatment ? Wastewater decreases the dissolved oxygen concentrations in water receiving bodies (lake, river, sea etc). Decrease in oxygen levels will cause aquatic life to be in danger. The food chain over the aquatic life will end up to humans who will be affected seriously. In Turkey, discharge of untreated wastewater to receiving bodies is restricted by environmental laws.
How treated? Generally biological treatment methods are preferred. Biological Treatment Process depends on bacteria which converts the organics (pollutants) to harmless by products or new bacteria cells without using any chemicals. Physical, chemical and / or biological Treatment methods are utilized in industrial wastewater treatment. Physical treatment is carried out without any chemical addition or biological activity. Chemical treatment process depends on the chemical reactions of wastewater with added chemicals.

What kind of materials are used during wastewater treatment plant construction ?

Both domestic and industrial wastewater treatments can be made of ;

  • Concrete construction
  • Steel construction
  • Plastic construction (PE, PP etc.)

Concrete constructions can be under or above the ground. Corrosion effects on steel construction WWTP should be well evaluated. Plastic constructions such as PP or PE cannot handle larger flowrates. However they are good at acidic conditions or resistance to corrosion.

What is package type of treatment ?

Package type of treatment plant is a compact and modular system that can be transported on a long vehicle (maximum width 240cm, length 1500cm and height 300cm). Package type of treatment plants are generally used for low flowrates of domestic and industrial wastewaters.

Package type of STP manufactured by AAT is called as AKTIFPAK. AKTIFPAK is a modular system where it can handle 200 m3/day of sewage in a 40" container size. Package type of industrial wastewater treatment plant manufactured by AAT is called as AKTIFPAK. AKTIFPAK is a modular system where it can handle up to 500 m3/day of industrial wastewater. AKTIFPAK can use one of the physical, chemical & biological treatment technologies or all of them depending on the wastewater source.

AKTIFPAK package type of sewage treatment plants

AKTIFPAK package type of
industrial wastewater treatment plant

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